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“Reaching People Through Every Resource”

Who is Jesse Parsons? Let's ask him.

Who are you?...

Who am I?

I am one who admonishes the one who comprehends, by expounding on the word of God.

I am a Minister of God's word.

I am a Preacher.

I am a Ministerial Engineer!

My vision is to reach people through every resource.

I plan to do this by:

  • Publishing video on social media websites
  • Utilizing Radio, Television, and Internet
  • Exposing missions
  • Recording gospel CDs
  • Designing and printing tracts
  • Writing Books
  • Publishing articles in newspapers
  • Starting a newsletter
  • Evangelism outreaches
  • Tent Revivals
  • Preaching/visitation, door to door
  • Publishing bible study curriculum
  • Foreign Missions

This is unique, because it is doing things outside of the box,

in a creative way,

using innovative methods.

Why me?

I think the real question here is,

Why not you?!

What is it that's really                holding you back?     

            Find it!

                 FIND IT!

 Then, attack it directly at the heart!

 Let's all work together to share the gospel!

What do you say?

Are you willing to strap on a pair of boots and get to WORK?

Let's conquer the world for 


"... in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us."

Romans 8:37 (KJV)

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