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"Reaching People Through Every Resource"

                                “Reaching People Through Every Resource”

Who is Jesse Parsons? Let's ask him.

Who are you?...

Who am I?

I am one who admonishes the one who comprehends, by expounding on the word of God.

I am a Minister of God's word.

I am a Preacher.

I am a Ministerial Engineer!

My vision is to reach people through every resource.

I plan to do this by:

  • Publishing video on social media websites

  • Utilizing Radio, Television, and Internet

  • Exposing missions

  • Recording gospel CDs

  • Designing and printing tracts

  • Writing Books

  • Publishing articles in newspapers

  • Starting a newsletter

  • Evangelism outreaches

  • Tent Revivals

  • Preaching/visitation, door to door

  • Publishing bible study curriculum

  • Foreign Missions

This is unique, because it is doing things outside of the box,
in a creative way,

    using innovative methods.