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Hello again, since the last time I posted, a lot has happened. 

I'm currently in the USA. 

This last spring, Covid-19 became an issue for all of us.  I was living and teaching English in Thailand with the intent to learn the Thai language and culture, as well as tell people about Jesus.  Summer break for schools in Thailand is during the months of March and April.  It was during this time I determined it was best to return to the States for awhile.  I am still pursuing Thailand as a mission field.  Also, I am continuing my education while here. 

The Lord has given me opportunities to work at Camp Berrymore in Bartlett, Ohio.  We had a great response during this difficult time with Covid-19. We had a few campers accept Jesus as their personal Savior, while others made decisions to follow Him in other areas of their lives.  It was a lot of fun.  God is still on the throne!!

I appreciate your continued prayers.

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